Hyperdia is a website where you search for train routes and timetables. You input the starting station and ending station and the data and time of the trip. It also shows the cost for a commuting ticket for 1 month, 3 months and 6 months for the route. (Note it uses the English spelling for some works like Emmachi rather than Enmachi)


Google maps (smartphone app)

maps search 1maps search 2

Click the search button on the google maps app.

At the top is the recent searchs. Then below that are some local restaurants and activities as well as other places like libraries, supermarkets, and other places. When clicking on either Eat, Drink, or Play major categories google maps will list out restaurants by type and include was is popular with the locals and what is popular with tourists.



Rikaichan is a plug in that you can install into your browser. It will translate words between languages like Japanese to English. It will give definition as well as the tense for verbs. It only translates one word at a time, but is useful for people who have basic or higher Japanese. You need to download the plug in as well as dictionaries to go with it. It only works for firefox and chrome not on safari.