Japanese Classes

Japanese classes

Kokoka – Japanese class 50 yen, Tues-Sun; easy Japanese, once a week for three months or summer session is twice a week for two months (fees apply!)

Kyoto Prefecture International Center “Beginner’s Japanese Course for Foreigners” 342-5000, Kyoto Station 9F. Saturday course or Mon/Thurs course (1015-1230). 4000 yen for 3 months Sat, 6000 yen for three months Mon/Thurs.

Kyoto Inernational Cultural Association Private Japanese Lessons

Kokoka bldg. 3F, 751-8958, 500/90 min by volunteers (http://kicainc.jp/lesson/lesson-v/lessonjV.htm), 2000/60 mins by qualified (http://kicainc.jp/lesson/lessonj08.html) time chosen by student 1000-2000

Kyoto YWCA RakuRaku 431-0351

44 Konoe-cho, Demizu-agaru, Muromachi, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto

Mon-Sat 1000-2000. Level based on grouping and inquiry required. 2500 yen per month (plus 900 yen for texts).

Fushimi Youth Centre 611-4910

Fushimi Youth House (39-2 Takajo-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto)

Mon 0700-2030 Sat 1000-1130, 2000 yen for 10 classes

Japanese Space Kyoto 361-0882

Trademark Kyoto, 180 Fudo-cho, Takoyakushi-Shinmachi Nishi-iru, Nakagyo-ku (North of Dog café), Mon/Wed/Fri 1000-1200, 1300-1500, 1500-1700. 1000yen per two hours. http://j-space.sakura.ne.jp/JapaneseLesson.html

The Japanese Room Kyoto

West Sakyo Community Living Center (149 Tanaka-genkyou-cho, Sakyo-ku) Fri 10:30-12:00 , 2000 yen for four lessons a month

Tachibana Clubhouse

Yamashina Youth Center Conference Room, Fri 1900-2100, 2000 yen for ten lessons.

Japanese Classes

Japanese language institutions

Kyoto University of Foreign Studies 322-6043

Ryukoku University 645-7898

Doshisha University 251-3257

Kyoto Center for Japanese Linguistic Studies Kyoto Japanese Language School 414-0449

Kyoto Institute of Culture and Language 722-5066

Kyoto YMCA Japanese Language Courses 255-3287

Kansai Gogen Gakuin 647-1000

Kyoto International Academy 466-4881

Kyoto International School of Etiquette and Music 602-0339

Kyoto National Japanese Institute 822-0002

Kyoto Computer Institute 751-1121

JCL Foreign Language Academy 644-1717

Karen Academy 492-8208

Arc Academy 353-7566

Japanese Center 344-3776

Japanese Classes

Host families

KOKOKA offers a host family type system with one student being given to one volunteer family. While this is NOT a homestay program, the student will be integrated into family activities, usually on weekends, involving things such as family outings to culturally significant places, or general activities to integrate the student into daily Japanese life, such as cooking etc. This program creates lasting support networks for foreign students.