Gyoumu (業務)

Gyoumu is an grocery and bulk grocery store, so it sells some things only in large quantities. It is cheaper than all other stores I have gone to, but it does not have a huge selection. Also, it is difficult to find some things if you don’t know where you are looking because the shelves are packed and there are no signs for the sections of the store. It mainly sells food, but also has some other products as well like tissues, toilet paper, disposable plates, cups, and cleaning products. There is a point card, but it costs 500 yen to start.

Best products:
10 kilos of rice
Inexpensive bread
Tubs of ice cream (vanilla, green tea, and chocolate & vanilla)
Peanut butter
Baking powder


Matsumoto (マツモト)

This is a little more expensive than Gyoumu. It has a wide variety of goods including food, kitchen goods, and many other items. It is easier to navigate than Gyoumu, with signs for each of the sections. There is no point card.

Best products:
Fresh fried food
Variety of bread products
Dried coconut


Kyoto Co-op (京都生活、コープ)

Easy to navigate and close to school. Sells daily necessities and food. There is sometimes a small shop open in front of the north entrance, which changes day-by-day. To become a member, you need to buy four stocks for 500 yen each. Becoming a member gets you a point card, but you do not need to be a member to shop here. If you want to stop being a member, tell the information desk. The information desk will then buy your stock back at the same price you paid. Bring your own bag to carry groceries; if you don’t, you need to ask for a bag from the cashier and pay an extra 5 yen.

Best products:
Red bean paste


Fresco (フレスコ)

Fresco is a smaller supermarket than the other ones listed. However, most are open 24 hours.It mostly sells food, but there is a small section for daily needs. If you bring your own bag, you can get a 2 yen discount. There is a point card system.

Best products:


Seisenkan (生鮮館)

Seisenkan is open later than most of the other stores, usually until 20:00. This makes it a bit more convenient to shop there, as you can go a bit later if the other shops are closed. Seisenkan is better known for fresh seafood produce.

Best products:


Izumiya (イズミヤ)

Izumiya is one of the largest on this list. The store at Kitano Hakubaicho has three floors of smaller stores above the food on the first floor. The second and third floors are mostly clothing stores. The fourth floor sells cosmetics, electronics, furniture, kitchenware, gardening tools, and pet food. There is a point card system; apply for free at the information desk. Bring your own bag; if you don’t, you need to ask the cashier for a bag, which will cost 5 yen.

Best products:
Daily needs
Tooth floss


Yamaya (YaMaYa やまや)

Yamaya is an alcohol and food import store. It is mostly alcohol, but it does have some food as well. It seems to mainly import American food. The prices are about two to three times the prices in America. One of the stores is on the road between Enmachi station and Hanazono station.

Best products:
Cheese (yes real cheese and there are different types)
Canned goods (soup, beans, etc)