Post office and packages

How to schedule package redelivery online with Sagawa

sagawa 1This a failed delivery slip. If you get this is means that you were not home when a package delivery came. This is how to get redelivered online. The 12 digit number is the package number. The lower 4 digit number is the area number. Go to this the sagawa website.

To start with click ユーザーID 新規ご登録(無料). The first two spaces you will enter your email address. Then chose computer or photo email on the left and right respectively. Then click the blue button. You receive an email and click the link in the email. Next is the Term and Conditions page click the left blue button.

First line is an user ID. Then enter your password and then the password again. Click the left bubble. Then your email will be listed. Enter your last name then your first name and repeat on your next line. Enter your birthday (Year Month Day). Click Male or Female. Then will be some optional lines. Then at the next line with a red astrick. Enter your phone number and click the top bubble. Put in your postal code and click the button next to it. That will fill in the first three lines. Fill in the second to last line with the end of address. Fill in the last line with the room number. Click the right bubble for the last two questions. Then click the blue button.

Fill in the left bubble for all of the next questions. Then continue and the next page is a questionnaire which has no effect on your account. Check your information and continue. To finish click the blue button. Click the blue button and log in. Enter your username and password.

Click the Web再配達受付サービス button. Enter the area number and package number that were on the failed delivery slip.

Choose the date and time. Most of the information should already be entered. Enter your email and if it if from a phone (middle) or computer (top) button.

Confirm the details and click finish (the left button).



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