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How to pay your rent via yucho

Here is how to fill in the form for paying your rent via yucho.


For using the ATM for paying your rent. Insert this form into the “payment form” slot at the top left of the ATM. Click the blue “次へ” button to continue. Then click the blue “確認” to continue. Enter the code and amount numbers then press the blue “確認” button to continue. Enter the rent amount and press the blue “円” button to continue. Double check the amount and if incorrect press the yellow “訂正” button to correct it. If the amount is correct press the blue “確認” button. Then press the blue “現金” button on the left to pay with cash. Press the blue “通帳・カード” button on right to pay with a card or passbook, you can only pay with a yucho card. If you are not paying through an account you will have pay an 80 yen fee. Then enter your phone number and when finished press the blue “確認” button. Put money into the machine. Press the blue “硬貨” button to add change. When finished press the light blue “確認” button to complete the process. The machine will then give you a recipe and your change.

Tip: If you are leaving for two month for vacation double the amount in your rent and it will automatically pay the upcoming month and the month after that.



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