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How to pay your bills at the conbini (Convenience Store)

Step 1 Collect all your bills. You can pay multiple bills at the same time will at the conbini.

Step 2 Since the conbini do not take credit card it is very important to make sure you have enough cash for all your bills.

Step 3 When you have all your bills and cash take it to the conbini. At the same time as paying your bills you can also buy other items from the conbini.

Step 4 Now that you have all your items simply take them up to the cash register. The bills (and any other items) will be scanned in and the employee will motion for you to click the button on the screen next to them. It should say 確認 which means confirm.

Step 5 Then the employee will give you your total and you pay. After that the employee will stamp the bills and give you part of the bills as a receipt that you paid the bill.



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