How to get and use a ICOCA card

You can buy this card from a ticket vending machine or from JR ticket counters. With the ticket vending machine you can choose Japanese or English. Press the purchase ICOCA button. Then press the 2000 yen button. Put in 2000 yen. Then you will receive the card. 500 yen is used as a deposit that you can get back when you turn the card in. The other 1500 yen is the money on the card ready to be used. To use the card simply hold it over the scanner when going through the gates both when entering and leaving. ICOCA can be used on buses, subways, non-JR trains, and JR trains in the kansai area. In other areas it has other restrictions.

To add money click charge and the amount of money to add either on ticket machines or ICOCA machines in JR and other stations.


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