Getting to Kansai International Airport

Haruka train from Kyoto Station to the Airport Station
from Kyoto station cost 3370, time 70 minutes

JR Kansai Airport Rapid from Osaka and Tennoji station to the Airport Station
from Osaka station cost 1190 time 70 minutes
from Tennoji station cost 1060 time 50 minutes

Nanki “Rap:t” from Namba to the Airport Station from Namba station cost 1430 time 35 minutes

MK shuttle bus from your apartment (with some restrictions for the mountainous areas) to the airport cost 3600 time 2.5-3 hours

Limousine Taxi, MK TAXI (778-5489 or Yasaka Airport Shuttle (803-4800 or

Airport Limousine Bus – Kyoto Stn. Hachijo-guchi, Nijo-ekimae, Keihan Sanjo, Shijo-Oomiya, Demachiyanagi 90-105 mins (072-461-1374, 08:00-20:00)



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